Mother Courage

"Leigha Kato shines as Courage's mute daughter Kattrin. Although she never speaks a word, Kato is responsible for the most excruciatingly intense sequence of the play." 

 -Talkin’ Broadway October 22, 2016

"Kattrin, the dumb daughter, suffers greatly in the story, and Leigha Kato’s exquisite expressiveness shouts it out loud."

-Phindie October 18, 2016

Saint Joan

"Kato's Joan inspires, her simple eagerness convinces, her confidence and hope elevate all who watch her performance. I would call it a tour de force from this young woman (whom I've seen twice on stage now), but it is beyond compare, a singularity of passion and energy, like Joan herself in history, and her dissident role remains just as relevant today as ever."

 -The Philadelphia Inquirer March 28, 2016

 "Kato gives a strong and glowing performance. I cannot say enough good things about Kato’s performance, as she draws the audience’s attention every time she appears onstage. She is full of spirit and becomes empowered as the play progresses." -Theatre Sensation

 "I doubt that anyone ever topped the performance of Leigha Kato [...] Her Joan is a bracing presence. With ebullience and vision."

-Chestnuthill Local March 31, 2016


"Leigha Kato gives a powerhouse performance as Saint Joan. There is an intensity in Kato's Joan that is instantly compelling and thoroughly convincing. When Kato celebrates Captain de Baudricourt's capitulation the sense of joy she exudes is palpable and when she weeps for her freedom her despair is profound."

-Talkin Broadway March 26, 2016


"Leigha Kato, ingenuous, passionate, girlish, enthusiastic, and confidently committed to the saintly voices she hears as George Bernard Shaw’s Joan of Arc, remains the centerpiece of Rebecca Wright’s production of “Saint Joan” even when she’s offstage.

Kato’s Joan energizes Wright’s staging. Her overriding presence, and the affection she engenders, give particularly deep context to Shaw’s play about vanities and jealousies among jurisdictions, hunger for power, the poison of politics in everything, and role of wealth in gaining political sway.

Kato’s is simply a marvelous interpretation and ebullient exhibition of all Shaw’s Joan of Arc is and can be."

-Neal’s Papers April 2, 2016


"Leigha Kato and Lindsay Smiling’s incestuous dance as Myrrah and Cinyras left audience members open-mouthed, spellbound."

-Phindie October 9, 2015


"Leigha Kato’s portrayal of Myrrha, a daughter who is cursed to fall in sexual lust with her own father, played with amazing physicality."

-Phillymag October 15, 2015

Into the Woods

"Leigha Kato had arguably the best vocals of the night."

-Phindie February 13, 2015

"Leigha Kato, whose strong and true take as Little Red Riding Hood becomes gorgeously lyrical when she dons the golden braids that turn her to Rapunzel."

-Neals Papers February 19, 2015